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Let’s customize a session for you that melts muscle tension. Hot stone massage, deep tissue massage or a relaxing Swedish massage are my basic services that i offer. Massage cupping is also a service that i offer because it helps with relieving muscle tension and detoxing the body.

I've been licensed since 2014 and practice here in the DFW area.

As a licensed massage therapist i am trained in a variety of techniques that help the body with alignment and relieving stress.  I see stress and chronic pain affecting many people.  My goal is to help the total person body, mind and soul thru bringing synergy and balance.

What I love most about being a massage therapist is that I meet people from all walks of life and I can leave them with a great experience through therapeutic touch.

The best compliment I have ever gotten is that I am thorough, have great attention to detail, and I have magic hands.

I am passionate about helping others and seeing people become their best self. Book a massage soon. I know you wont regret it!

Coretta Williams